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    Who Are We?

    Welcome to TimeStoppers Paranormal!

    TimeStoppers Paranormal is based in Central North Carolina. TimeStoppers is a group of unique individuals who share a common interest in investigating the paranormal. Every member of the TimeStoppers team has experienced the paranormal in some form. Our diverse team includes a professional group consisting of a former police officer, a psychologist, students, health care workers and more. We offer our investigative services free of charge although donations are appreciated to help offset the cost of equipment, tapes, batteries, and travel.

    Investigation Guidelines

    What we do and what we don't!

    TimeStoppers Paranormal seeks to investigate and understand paranormal experiences, paranormal phenomena, reported haunted locations, ghost sightings and the like. There are many possible reasons for suspected paranormal activity. We approach each investigation with an open mind. All research, evidence and data is scientifically evaluated for paranormal authenticity.
    TimeStoppers Paranormal offers serious and professional investigations. We do not allow the use of Ouija boards, under any circumstances. We do not tease, taunt, disrespect, or otherwise challenge spirits, ghost or entities. In addition, TimeStoppers respects all properties being investigated. We require appropriate dress, language and behavior by all members during an investigation. The use of alcohol and/or drugs of any type are strictly prohibited prior to, and during, any investigation.
    We know your beliefs may be different from ours and we respect that. In this line of work, there are many possibilities and ideas that can be validated. We do not discourage unique thinking, but instead accept ideas with an open mind. We work as a team to better understand things out of the ordinary. This is not a competition, but a cooperation. TimeStoppers often works with other paranormal groups. We believe it is not about how much you know, but how much you can teach someone else and how much you can learn from others.


  • Who We Are

    Our Ghost Squad have all passed extensive background and criminal history checks and thorough training.

    Heather Garner, Ph.D.


    Heather is an intuitive, who has over 20 years in paranormal investigations. She was born with psychic abilities that allow her to see, hear and communicate with those on the otherside. She is also adept at psychometry. Heather has a Ph.D. in psychology, specializing in parapsychology. She uses her psychic abilities, combined with the scientifics of her schooling, to conduct professional paranormal investigations. Heather is married mom of nine children. She is also the author of the book, "Christian Psychic".

    Danny Cooper

    Assistant Director

    Danny is retired, having spent 30 years with the City of Graham as a Police Officer and then as Chief Code Enforcement Officer. He was responsible of conducting building inspections. Danny became interested in the paranormal after having his own paranormal experience in the early 1980's. Danny has an Associates Degree in Police Science and loves to conduct investigations. He is affectionately known as our Mr Gadget, using electronic and technical gear to aid in paranormal research, and learning why and how the equipment works

    Steven Benesch

    Lead Investigator

    Bio Coming Soon!

    Jenny Sutton


    Bio Coming Soon!


    Amy Frye


    Amy has experienced the paranormal since a young age. She is a trance medium and adept at automatic writing. She studied criminal justice at college. She is an experienced paranormal investigator and has worked as a team leader for paranormal classes.  Amy has been a member of TimeStoppers Paranormal since 2012.

    Adam Sharpe


    Adam is 30 years old and lives in Burlington, NC. Adam had his first experience when he was 8 years old which began his interest in the paranormal. In 2010, Adam was in the US Navy, stationed in Sasebo, Japan. He continues to do paranormal research and investigations, attending school for videography.

    Anne Horner

    Research Investigator

    Bio Coming Soon

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